Lee Harvey Oswald: The Lone Gunman Theory

Lee Harvey Oswald [October 18, 1939 - November 24, 1963]


-Father died before he was borns-LEE-HARVEY-OSWALD-gun.jpg
-Put in orphanage
-Moved back in with his mother
-Later, he was psycologically evaluated (psychiatric assessment)
-Dropped out of school in 10th grade
-Claimed to be a Marxis at age 15
-Joined the marines
-Court marshaled twice: (once for accidently shooting himself with an unauthorized hand gun
and second for getting in a fight with a sergeant)
-demoted from private first class to private and imprisoned
-Court marshaled third: he shot his gun into the jungle in the Phillipines
-Pro-Soviet (begin to study Russian)
-When he was 20 – he travled to Russia and applied for citizenship
-he was denied
-he cut his wrists – was evaluated again
-allowed to stay in Russia
-1959 – declared defection to soviet union

-Met Marina - who later became his wife
-When Oswald returned to America with his wife and baby
- he was disappointed that there were no reporters at the airport (he like attention)texas_school_book_depository.jpg
-They settled in Dallas

-He was rumored to have attempted to assisanate retired US Major General Edwin Walker-Because
-he was anti-communist
-evidence tied to the same gun used to kill JFK (wasn’t a suspect until after the assassination)
-Moved to New Orleans
-Rented an office to form a Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) branch
-attempted to flee to cuba through mexico – but was denied entry
-So, he returned to Dallas
-Got a job at the Texas School Book Depository
-His wife was suspected of being a Soviet agent – FBI came to his house twice

The Day JFK was shot:

-Newspapers printed the route of the motorcade that the president would be traveling (passing the Texas School Book Depository)

-Lee got picked up for work and asked for a ride back to Irving
-He said he had to pick up curtain rods
-He returned to Dallas with a long paper bag
-Last seen 30 minutes before the assassination on the 6th floor of the depository (says a co-worker)lee_harvey_oswald_mug_shot.jpg

President John F. Kenndedy Assassinated:

-Friday November 22, 1963
-in motorcade with Govorner Conally, Mrs. Conally, Mrs. Kennedy, and the driver.

Murder of Officer J.D. Tippet and Oswalds Arrest:

-Oslwald returned home for a short time and then left on foot
-He was approached by officer J. D. Tippit
-Oswald shot and killed Tippet
-Went to the Texas Theater where he was arrested
-Interrogated for 13 hours

Assassinated by Jack Ruby:

-On November 24th 1963 – Oswald was being transferred to the country Jail.
-He was led through the basement of police headquaters
-A man rushed forward a shot him in the stomach
-the gunman was arrested – Jack Ruby
-Oswald died at the hospital at 1:07pm
-He was burried in Fort WorthsRose Hill Memorial Park

Warren Commision, FBI, and Texas Police Department:

-The Warren Commission was created by LBJ
-The Warren Commission declared that: When Kennedys motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza
*Oswald shot and killed the President (acting alone)
-Passing the depository and continueing on Elm St.
-Oswald stashed his gun behind boxes in a room on the 6th floor
-He left through the back stair well

*However: The Warren Commision could not identify a motive(s) that would have led Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy

-Oswald had a discontent with American society and sought a place in history

-Booked and arraigned for both murders
-Murderd by Jack Ruby

-JFk shot

-Witness saw shots oming from the depository2-jfk_assassination.jpg
-FBI found 3 empty cardridges
-and a rifle hidden
-witnesses saw Oswald arrve at the depositry before 11:55 am and saw him after 12:31 pm
-Charles Givens 9co-worker0 saw him on the 6th floor at 11:55
-another witness claims she saw him holding a gun on the 6th floor
-seen leaving the building at 12:55pm and seen arriving home at 1pm
-His landlady told the Warren Commision that he returned home at 1 and stayed for a few minutes and that there was a police car parked infront of the hosue but it left before he left the house

-Oswald left his house at 1:16pm and was approached by J.D. Tippet on East 10th Street
-After a few minutes – a witness testified that Oslwald pulled out a handgun and fired several shots
-He then ran off leaving Tippet in the street
-The handgun that was purchased with the rifle

-John Brewer (manager of Shoe store) saw a man activing weird outside – he looked like he was trying to hide from the cops that were sowrming the area in respionse to Tippets murder

-He saw the suspicious man head to the Texas Theater
-Brewer went into the theater – called the cops – and accompanied them to where Oswald was seated
-Breif struggle – Oswald arrested

-His palm print was on the rifle that was found in the depsotiory and on the paper bag

-The rifle was registered to A. Hiddell – a name that Oswald had used before
-They found on Oswald: a fake ID bearing the name Alek Hidedell
-The gun was mailed to a PO box in Dallas – belonged to Oswald

-During the investigation Oswald denied having been involved in the assassination
-he told a newsman that he was a “patsy” a term used by the mafia to describe someone who has been set up

-The cartrduges (4) that were found at the scene of Tippets shooting matched the gun that was found on Oswald


-3% of the case files are yet to be released to the public